About Us


Federal Government Girls’ College Sagamu is one of the fourteen Federal Government Colleges/Federal Government Girls’ Colleges established between 1977-1978 with the aim of fostering National Unity.  Hence its motto ‘PRO UNITATE’

The College started on 20th January 1978 under the pioneer Principal, Mrs. A.A. Ayoola on a temporary site at Ilaro with a student population of 73 and 4 teachers but it had to be moved to its present permanent site at Sagamu in September, 1981.  The College is located along the Sagamu- Iperu Road, 2 Kilometers off the Sagamu-Benin Expressway at kilometer 11.  Although, it is one of the youngest, it is numerically one of the largest girls’ colleges and qualitatively one of the best.  This has been made possible due to its strategic location on the country side, its high moral tone and its brilliant examinations results.  From inception, the College has maintained a very high standard in academics and co-curricular activities.


The school compound is well laid out with network of good tarred and beautiful decorated road with flowers and trees. Over the years, infrastructural development have been carried out in the college due to the assistance of the Federal Government, the PTA and the Old Girls. The phase of the school consists of staff residential quarters fondly referred to as Abuja, Maroko and Victoria Island. There are Eight (8) hostels for the students namely, Ayoola, Ethiope, Hadeija, Ogun, Rima, Osun and newly completed hostel referred to as “High Flyers”. Sodeinde hostel was donated by the PTA.


The phase 2 accommodated structures such as Senior Secondary School Examination Hall (Mrs A.A. Fasina Hall) built by PTA, the new administrative block, the General Staff room, Old administrative block, blocks of classrooms for the students and well equipped laboratories, the library, Guidance and Counseling office, ICT Centre, dining hall, the 7 senior hostels, the school sick bay and the rehabilitated kitchen to a modern one. Presently, there are various renovations going on in the school.


The college is blessed with hard working, dedicated and vision driven Principals who has contributed to the growth of the college. All the principals had one thing or the other to be remembered for in respect of achievements and academic excellence.


Here are the names of Principals From 1978 to date


1.   Mrs. A.A. Ayoola                                         -                       1978 – 1985

2.   Mrs. O.Y. Durodola                                     -                       1985 – 1989

3.   Mrs. A.A. Fasina                                         -                       1989 – 1994

4.   Mrs. E.O Sodeinde                                      -                       1994 – 1999

5.   Mrs. O.O. Odegbaro                                    -                       1999 – 2001

6.   Mrs. M.B. Abolade                                      -                       2001 – 2004

7.   Mrs. O.O Euler-Ajayi                                   -                       2004 – 2005

8.   Mrs. R.A Jeje                                                -                       2005 – 2008

9.   Mrs. O. Togonu-Bickesteth                                   -                       2008 – 2010

10.                  Alhaja F.M Quadri                                       -                       2010 – 2012

11.                  Ms. A.O. Ogunbekun                                  -                       2012 – 2014

12.                  Dr. (Mrs.) M.C. Ogundu                             -                       2014 – 2015

13.                  Dr. (Mrs.) A.A. Owolabi                            -                       2015 - 2018

14.                   Barr. O.E Akamo                                        -                       2018 - to date.




The college strictly followed the directive of the Federal Ministry of Education as stipulated in the national policy on education and operates the Basic Junior Secondary School and Senior Secondary School. The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects and are; the Science, Humanities, Business Studies, Languages, Vocational, Mathematics/Information and Communication Technology.




Presently, the school has twenty – five clubs and societies with patrons and matrons from the members of the staff and they meet on Wednesdays for club meetings after school. Students have been active in their various clubs. Each society is given free hand to operate her activities and celebrate her week under the supervision of the Vice Principal Student Affairs. Club activities have helped students a lot in developing their skills and to interact within and outside the College.




Parent Teachers Association of the college has always responded to the need of the school by providing needed facilities and employment of both teaching and non teaching staff.




They have been contributing immensely to the growth and development of the college since their inauguration on 1st April, 2000 by Mrs. O.O Odegbaro. The college have witnessed a deluge of Old Girls from different year set trooping in to partner with the College in one form or the other.




The effort of the teaching and non teaching staffs of the college are highly commendable. They are all dedicated to their duties, hence the progress of the school. The school is also blessed with obedient, law abiding and studious students that have made the school to attain the glorious height: Students, the sky is your starting point.


In conclusion, we thank God Almighty for his infinite mercies and we return all glory back to Him who has been able to sustain the school this far. God has highly favoured the school with capable hands to stir the affairs of the college. The students too have made the school proud in different ways and are highly placed in the society. The team work exhibited by the staff and students made it possible for the school to still be waxing stronger.




Like all other Federal Government Colleges, we believe in, and pursue the general objective for establishing Federal Government Colleges which is to create an environment where “young learners in their formative and impressionable years from all parts of the federation with different languages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds are given the opportunity to work, play, live and grow together  to understand and tolerate one another and thereby develop a horizon of one Nigeria”

In addition to this broad objective, Federal Government Girls’ College, Sagamu has the following aims and objectives:


1.            To help learners acquire appropriate skills, abilities and competences both mental and physical as equipment for the individual to live in and contribute to the development of  her society.

2.            To inculcate in the learners moral and spiritual values in interpersonal and human relations.

3.            To help learners understand, appreciate, develop and project Nigerian culture, arts and languages as well as the worlds’ cultural heritage.

4.            To train learners to think analytically and respect the opinions and feelings of others

5.            To train the learners to appreciate dignity of labour

6.            To train learners to be useful and intelligent citizens, loyal, dedicated and conscious of their responsibilities.